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About Manitour Pedalers

Built in Manitowoc Wisconsin, Manitour Pedalers is a family-owned party bike that provides an alternative and unique way to explore Downtown Manitowoc (the home of the Maritime Museum), socialize with family and friends all while enjoying the outdoors and the beautiful Lake Front sight, and many specials offers to riders from our stops in the area.

The bike features ten adjustable seats—eight with pedals, and a rear bench that can accommodate two to three riders. A minimum of six riders is required to book the bike, and all riders must be at least 18 years old to ride.


Individual riders have the option to book a tour seat (Public Tour), or the whole bike (Private Tour) for their group. The tour is great for celebrating birthday parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties. It's also a great entertainment option for fitness expeditions, themed tours, scavenger hunts, etc. 

The tours start and end at PetSkull Brewing Co. located on Buffalo St., include up to 3 stops, and follows approved routes. A trained tour operator is responsible for ensuring the fun and safety of passengers during the ride.

Manitour Pedalers Pedal Tavern
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